New York, New York

In November 2020 my and my husband will be going to New York City. My husband turns 40 in November and I thought it would be a great experience to celebrate it together in the city that never sleeps. Although… having 2 small kids, I’d love to get some sleep when we’re away from them 😉

Anyhow, I created a little Google map for our trip, see below. I’m filling it up with places we want to visit: stores, restaurants, bars, sights, etc. Plus, I’m looking the THE place to take my hubby on his birthday. I’d love it to be something special!

One place I’d like to take him to is the seaglass carousel in Battery Park. I saw it on an episode of Younger, and it just looked so romantic and special, woop woop!

So, if there’s any places you can recommend, or places that we MUST see or go, please comment below and I will add it to the map!

Love, Rosanne


Nieuwe ronde nieuwe kansen

Ik ben niet een regelmatige blogger, sterker nog, ik denk dat ik niet echt een blogger ben. Maar ik vind schrijven wel heel leuk, en daarnaast vind ik het altijd leuk om terug te lezen wat ik in het verleden schreef, dacht en deed. Daarom een nieuwe poging, in het Nederlands dit keer. Ondanks dat ik met Engels misschien een breder publiek bereik, is het bereik van mijn blog vrij minimaal, en in het Nederlands schrijf ik nu eenmaal makkelijker dan in het Engels.

Ik zal schrijven over wat ik meemaak, en over dingen die ik belangrijk, maar bovenal leuk vind. Mijn dochter E., gezonde voeding voor kinderen, opvoeden, dagjes uit met een dreumes, want ze is inmiddels 1 mijn dochter. Maar ook over de omschakeling van het leven met zijn tweeën naar een gezin, de ‘struggle’ tussen werk en gezin, en de minder leuke dingen van moeder zijn. Een eerlijk verhaal.

Zoals ik al schreef, onze dochter is net 1 geworden, we wonen (nog) in Amsterdam, en ‘we’ zijn mijn man en ik. We werken allebei full time, mijn moeder past veel op, en we proberen in onze vrije tijd zoveel mogelijk met eten bezig te zijn, want dat is een passie van ons beiden, en we hopen dit ook over te brengen op onze dochter. Tot nu toe gaat dat aardig, want t is een klein bouwvakkertje, en ze eet bijna alles.

Voor vanavond wil ik haar kennis laten maken met de smaak van gember. ik heb geen idee hoe dit zal vallen, ik ga aan de slag met gemberbolletjes, en die zijn volgens mij vrij zoet, dus ik reken op succes. we gaan t zien 🙂 Ook moet ik nog iets met het doosje aardbeien dat ik vanochtend op de markt haalde, maar die komen either way wel op. Wordt vervolgd.



on holiday at the moment in southern spain, which is absolutely lovely and gorgeous. At the moment, however, were encountering a not so sunny day, so i decided to spend it reading my countless magazines I never have time to catch up with during the year.

They range from magazines on home and garden, to beauty magazines, to, yes, mom and baby magazines 🙂 My husband is out for his first golf lesson, so he will be out all afternoon.

this gives me some time to catch up on my magazines and my blog of course, which I have neglected completely over the past months. The next blogs might be a bit unorganized, but I am trying to catch a lot of information that flows freely through my mind at the moment.

2014, cheers to peace and quiet!

2014… Wow. I am so excited for this year to begin. I love new beginnings, always have. It gives me the feeling of a clean slate, a fresh start, new chances for new beginnings.

And that’s why I always have tons of New Years resolutions, of which most usually fail, but hey! It’s better than having none and don’t try at all, right?

This year I only have one. Getting peace and rest in my head. Work is so busy, life is crazy hectic, I’m going to marry the love of my life in July and the wedding planning causes quite some stress. The pressure of having to perform and the pressure I put on myself to use every second of the day efficiently and wisely, puts an enormous amount of stress on my body and my mind. I have constant headaches and sometimes don’t know where to get my energy from.

That’s why I’m gonna try to get peace in my head. I believe it starts there, and then the rest will follow. So as of this weekend I will pick up yoga again. There’s this nice little yoga school around the corner of my house, yogay yoga, and they offer various classes from intense to relax and energized. I think I will start with the relaxation class and then maybe after a while pick up the more intense classes.

I have tried yoga before and I remember that it brought me a lot of peace and serenity. I hope it will again.

My New Years resolutions never start of January 1 as I’m usually too tired from the night before to function properly and alter my lifestyle. So from tomorrow on I will focus on peace and rest.

Today I am just as lazy as my cat, see picture.


30 day picture challenge update

day 15: I went for dinner in Rose’s Cantina, a lovely restaurant in the city centre of Amsterdam. We go there a lot, not the least for their gorgeous cocktails. Tonight, I had a margerita on the rocks.


Day 16: my football team won the league this season, which is traditionally celebrated by a boatride through the canals of Amsterdam.



day 17: The day after Queensday my boyfriend and I finally bought racing bicycles. We had been planning to for a while, but we finally did it! Sunday morning the fifth we went for a ride through the north of Amsterdam, called Landelijk Noord (Rural North).

IMG_6749 IMG_6751 IMG_6756

day 18: This might seem a bit of a weird picture, but if you look closely you can see a bird flying in the sky. During my lunch break I walked into the park, and I saw a stork fly. I realised I had never before seen a stork fly (city girl…) and I took a picture of it. Must say the picture is a lot less impressing than the actual sight.


Schermafbeelding 2013-05-14 om 20.37.24

day 19: Walking towards the train station for a work meeting in the Hague I past some girls in a boat. They had a rope tied to a tree on the side. Cuteness.


day 20: After a football match on a wednesday evening me and my team mates went to a bar in the east of Amsterdam, called Ruk en Pluk. I can’t say the bar has any class or style, but their ceiling is definitely the happiest and most decorative of all bars in Amsterdam.


day 21: Ascension day is a holiday in the Netherlands, so me and my boyfriends took our brand new bikes in the car to Drenthe, where my mum has a house. There we enjoyed a lovely bikeride of 46 km.

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-14 om 20.52.36 IMG_6790 IMG_6792

day 22: nom nom nom… home made curry for dinner


day 23: Wow I feel old saying this, but I was amazed by the picture below. Saturday afternoon I spent in Hanneke’s boom, a bar/cafe near central station. They have a great outdoor area where kids can play, but I guess kids these days prefer to stay in and play on their phones.


day 24: The perfect sunday! spoiling my skin with a face mask, I had my first tasty soy latte ever (a tip on the internet to add honey and cinnamon did the trick!), I drove over to my mum’s to deliver a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for mothersday, and I finished the day off with a delicious pasta with asparagus, Serrano ham, and pesto sauce.

IMG_6834 Image IMG_6846


day 25: my classy boyfriend, even when playing football 😉


day 26: Today I did something I have been wanting to do for the past 10 years. And finally it was possible again! Cycling through the Rijksmuseum passage! I was so excited!! The museum has been closed for 10 years for renovation, and now that it has finally opened everyone expected the passage to open again as well. But the director of the Rijksmuseum was a big pain in the *** in this issue, and used many excuses to block cyclists from the passage. Finally justice prevailed, and it might seem a small indifferent thing, but for me it really meant a lot to bike through the passage again. I went in with a smile, and came out with an even bigger one!IMG_6867 IMG_6868 IMG_6869 IMG_6872

So the last 4 days of my challenge are approaching. It’s been a blast, and I will definitely keep trying to make pictures to supplement my blogposts.


30 day challenge: day 1

As I would like to push myself a little more to actually write on my blog, I committed myself to a 30 day blog challenge. In the hectics of daily life, I decided that writing one blog a day is not realistic for me, but I will try to write one blog every two days, with subjects ranging from favourite food to pictures of things I like.

I will extract challenges from different lists I collected, as I did not manage to find one list that has all the subjects I would like to write about.  I also created some of my own daily challenges. So welcome to the my very own 30 day challenge 🙂

Feel free to join the challenge if you’d like. I will tag my 30 day challenge posts with ‘Roseyschallenge’, so if you’d like to join, please tag your posts with this tag, so we can read along and share. Good luck!

Day 1: write down 10 random bits about yourself

This can be anything, weird or funny things, personal aspects. Feel free to share whatever you’d like.

1. I believe one person can make a difference. In anything. I have a huge admiration for people like Nelson Mandela, Russian and Chinese human rights activists, and other pioneers who try to make this world a better place. Websites like encourage the power of the individual. Don’t ever think you are too small or insignificant to make a difference, this quote reminds me often: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

2. I am a firm believer of Karma. What goes around, comes around. If it works for Justin Timberlake, it works for me. And remember: Karma is only a bitch if you are.

3.  I’m in love with my city, Amsterdam. Being born and raised here I grew up to love this city and everything about it. I love the freedom here, the relaxed atmosphere, the variety of people, the canals, the poshness of the south, the multicultural west, the bikes, the small town feeling and above all Queensday. I do believe Amsterdam is one of the most tolerant cities in the world, if not the most tolerant. I feel very lucky to have been born here, and wonder if I could ever settle anywhere else.

4. I love waking up in the morning not knowing what the day is going to bring.

5. I don’t like it when people enter my personal space, especially on public transport. It makes me really uncomfortable when people come and sit next to me when there are loads of other free seats.

6. I admire people who can just leave everything behind, pack their backpack and travel the world without worrying about the future. I wish I could be more like that. Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a life I cannot leave behind, with responsibilities I can’t escape. It’s a good life, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I miss the real adventure.

7. I’d love to visit Cambodia and Bolivia.

8. I don’t like it when someone reads my newspaper or magazines before me, i like them fresh and new.

9. I refuse to let fear get in my way of life. I have many fears, and I feel they have become a little stronger the past year, after my dad died, but I refuse to let fear get the overhand. Example, I am not too fond of flying, but I just drink two glasses of wine before I enter the plane, and another one on board, lol. Fear is not rational, and it definitely is a bad advisor.

10. I have no idea if the career path I have chosen is the career I want to pursue. I still expect that one day I will ‘see the light’ and just know what I want to do with my life. I also expect this moment will never come.

Before I continue…

Before I continue with this blog, I want to make mention of a person that has influenced me to a great extent, and who greatly contributed to the person that I am today.

This might turn into bit of a sad blog post, but I feel it’s important that I share this, because it influences every move I make, and he is in everything that I do.

I am talking about my dad. He past away last November, after an unfair fight with cancer.  He was only 65.

I cannot describe the hurt I still feel every day having to miss the person that has been the most important man in my life for such a long time. It hurts me that he didn’t get the chance to continue his life, that he had to suffer so much pain, and that he found it so hard to stay positive and keep faith when the cancer kept coming back after fighting it off several times. In the end the cancer turned out to be stronger than him.

I try to top the sadness with the fact that I am very thankful to have had him by my side for almost 28 years. I know many people lose a parent much younger. Usually that works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I find it really hard to come to terms with the fact that he will never get to know my kids, and they will never get to know him. They will only know him from the pictures I will show them, but they will never know his voice, his sense of humour, the touch of his skin, and admire him for his incredible intelligence. He would’ve made a great granddad.

The quotes in this post helped me a lot the past 10 months. It has been the most difficult period in my life until now, but I think I can say I am on my way back now. I am, however, forever changed by his death, and I will never be the same person I was before.