Challenge again!

To keep challenging myself I will spend the next 30 days on yet another 30 day challenge. A little different from the last time, this 30 day challenge will consist of 1 challenge that I will keep up with for 30 days. My inspiration came after I watched a TED-speech from Matt Cutts, a google engineer. For inspiration, check it out here.

Matt’s advice is to start simple, so I will save the ‘no coffee’, ‘ no sugar’ and ‘no alcohol’ for somewhere in the foreseeable future 😉 I will start with something that I will do, instead of something that I will not.

My first challenge will consist of taking at least one picture every day, and showing it here. Seems doable, no? To get it started, I selected some pics from the past few months that will serve as a start, as I prepare myself for this challenge.

Here they are, ENJOY.

p.s. – It had been a while since I last wrote. I was inspired to post again since my dear friend Welmoed started a food blog. Check it out here, its pretty sweet! and very mouthwatering I might add 🙂


the always lovely Amsterdam, at sunset
During our skiing holiday in Konigsleiten, Austria
Lovely food at the seafood bar, BEST seaafood bar in Amsterdam
the loves of my life, our cats
Visiting a primary school during work, I saw these lovely colorful parrots on the wall
Sunset in the Vondelpark last week
Last month I bought a tiny macro lens for my iphone. I tried the lens on one of my parrot tulips, beautiful eh?