New York, New York

In November 2020 my and my husband will be going to New York City. My husband turns 40 in November and I thought it would be a great experience to celebrate it together in the city that never sleeps. Although… having 2 small kids, I’d love to get some sleep when we’re away from them 😉

Anyhow, I created a little Google map for our trip, see below. I’m filling it up with places we want to visit: stores, restaurants, bars, sights, etc. Plus, I’m looking the THE place to take my hubby on his birthday. I’d love it to be something special!

One place I’d like to take him to is the seaglass carousel in Battery Park. I saw it on an episode of Younger, and it just looked so romantic and special, woop woop!

So, if there’s any places you can recommend, or places that we MUST see or go, please comment below and I will add it to the map!

Love, Rosanne


LX Factory in Lisbon

Yesterday we went to the LX factory in Lisbon which I can truly recommend to anyone who likes concept stores and beautiful food places.

A little outside the city centre of Lisbon, the LX Factory is a collection of small boutique shops, studios, and little restaurants and deli’s. It is a lovely place to stroll around, have a bite and enjoy a nice and quiet afternoon. Perfect for an afternoon cocktail with friends.







Top Carrot in Sint Maarten

Being on a holiday on The BEAUTIFUL island of Sint Maarten I thought it would be a good opportunity to recommend one of the best places I’ve been to on this island.

Sint Maarten is a small island. Still it’s really hard to find your way around it without a car. When you drive away from the airport and follow airport road into the interior of the island, you will cross a small bridge which separates the yacht marina from the open sea. After about 300 meters on your left there is a place called Top Carrot.

Turn left! You will be sorry if you don’t. Top carrot is probably one of the healthiest food and drink establishments on the island. Whereas most of the dishes on the island contain greasy meat and rice and beans, top carrot is the place to get your daily fruit and veggie intake.

It has all the fruit juices and smoothies you can imagine, blended fresh right in front of you. The salads and sandwiches are delightful too. Try the lentil soup, or the courgette and cauliflower quiche, both equally yummy.

Inside is nice and air conditioned, and the place also has plenty of books on healthy living, yoga etc. besides they sell cute jewelry and soaps. A bit of everything really.

The staff is patient and friendly, which cannot be said of many other places in Sint Maarten.

Please don’t miss this gem when you visit the island, it’s truly an absolute happy and health boost.




Skiing makes me wanna go Running!

Just came back from a wonderful skiing holiday in Konigsleiten, Austria (of which you’ll see some pics below), which made me realize once more how good sports make me feel. Breathing in the cold mountain air makes me feel so healthy I wanna take out my running shoes and go for a run.

Which is exactly what I will do tomorrow. Dust off those shoes and go for a run in the cold (Amsterdam is freezing and snowy at the moment). Running has many health benefits, both physical and mental. Running reduces the risk of many diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. On top of that it increases your mental toughness, if which you can never have enough.

So shoes…get ready!





30 day challenge: day 3

day 3: a place you’ve traveled to 

Last year my boyfriend and I traveled to Indonesia. We went on a 4 week holiday to Java and Bali. Especially Java was very intense and hectic, but very beautiful. Things started off very hectic as we arrived in Jakarta (with a slight hangover from a night clubbing in Singapore) and we found out one of our bags was open on the conveyor belt. We had just passed the sign that drug trafficking will lead to death penalty, and panicked as we did not know what to do next. All of a sudden there was this taxi driver, who offered us a ride, got our bags off the belt, guided us past security, and afterwards charged us 30 euros for a ride that should have been max. 2 euro. Welcome to Jakarta.

Jakarta was way too hectic for us, it was very big, polluted and poor. We left after three days, and headed for countryside Java, which was absolutely breath taking. in two weeks we went to Yogyakarta, Borobudur temple, Plaosan temple, Prambanan temple, Mount Bromo, Ijen crater. Afterwards on Bali we took some time to relax and for the rest of the holiday stayed in Lovina, on the Gili Islands and in Candidasa. Below some pictures to illustrate.

Rice Fields

Javanese cooking class, making peanut sauce


improvised bridge

Plaosan temple

Plaosan temple

Bromo vulcano

Bromo vulcano

Ijen crater

Ijen crater workers

Gili islands

PADI certified diver!