One of my favourites: Rose’s Cantina

Last tuesday I went for pre-birthday dinner in one of my favourite spots in Amsterdam: Rose’s Cantina. Rose’s Cantina has been around for decades, but recently it has had a make over and the results are quite stunning I must say. Rose’s Cantina opened over 30 years ago as the first Mexican restaurants in Amsterdam, and set a standard for all Mexican restaurants to follow.

After the make over Rose’s is not solely a Mexican restaurant anymore, but the menu quotes ‘Pan-American’. Owners of Rose’s Cantina, restaurant company Dobson & Uzcudun (known from the Rancho restaurants in town), teamed up with Casper Reinders (known for his popular formulas like Jimmy Woo, Bo Cinq, Bar Paul etc.) to make Rose’s one of the new hotspots in town.

Before I continue I must say that I might not be completely objective, as my boyfriend works for the company which owns Rose’s Cantina. That said, I would never recommend a place I didn’t believe in myself.

149346_551166621561865_882664826_nFirst of all, the interior looks quite stunning. The dark green walls and the hanging lights from the ceiling give the place a magical touch. What adds to the magic is a huge toy airplane above the entrance.

Roses Cantina airplaneRoses changes her menu every once in a while, to keep surprising the guests and challenging her chefs. The new menu has just been introduced, and it is full of new dishes, such as the Philadelphia cheese steak, and the Ceviche acapulco. The menu has the look of a newspaper, with all the latest Rose’s news.

foto 11For starters we had the Ceviche Acapulco and the Penne Arrabbiata. The ceviche acapulco is an extended version of the traditional ceviche, accompanied with avocado and octopus among others. The ceviche of the day was swordfish. As always the ceviche was exceptional, although I must say I like their cod ceviche better than swordfish.

nb. note that the pictures might seem a bit vague, I only had my iphone camera with me. Better preparation next time! 

Ceviche acapulcoThe penne Arrabbiata was also great, although maybe a bit heavy for a starter. If you’re not a big eater, don’t try this one. If you’re very hungry, please do! The arrabbiata had the right amount of spice, but beware, not for the faint hearted.

penne arrabiataFor main course we tried the Fish of the day, which was a turbot. It tasted great, and the presentation was wowie as well.

TurbotMy partner tried the Rib-eye steak. As you can expect from Argentinian owners (Dobson&Uzcudun) the meat is imported from Argentina, and as tasty as you could wish for. The waiter didn’t ask how we wanted the steak done, but the chef cooked it medium-rare, which is the absolute best for a proper rib eye steak.

rib eye steakTo top the joy, Rose’s Cantina serves my favourite wine; Petit Chablis. 2 years ago I went to France and did a wine tour in the Chablis area. As the top wines from the Chablis area are the premier and grand cru, I fell completely in love with Chablis’ baby sister, Petit Chablis. It is very high in minerals and has a slightly more acidic taste than the other Chablis. Roses is one of the few restaurants in Amsterdam that serves Petit Chablis (my boyfriend might have has something to do with that 😉 ), and I recommend trying it to everyone.

Furthermore Roses is the perfect place for a night out, drinking cocktails, have fun, relax, enjoy.

SO…. What are you waiting for? Go check that place out! With love from Rose, xoxo.