Nutrition home study

A year ago I started a home study on healthy food and nutrition. Because I got so busy with work and a wedding coming up (yay!), I never really got around to it, but today I picked it up again!

Chapter for today: fats. I might spend another blogpost on it later, as it is very interesting to learn the function of fats in the body.

Did you know, for example, that only fats have the ability to transport vitamin A,D,E, and K through the body?

Enjoy your Sunday!


A new test: Beetroot juice


Today I will start with a new health test: beetroot juice. Books and websites claim that it has many health benefits. I will drink it mainly to benefit my skin.

My skin condition has been poor in the last year, and I have no idea what’s causing it.

I will keep you posted on the results. I would love to hear your experiences with beetroot juice. 🙂

The power of Chlorella

Although Chlorella sounds more like a detergent than like a food, I can tell you it is one of the most powerful superfoods out there.

Chlorella is a genus of single-cell green algae that was originally found in the rivers and lakes of East Asia. Chlorella exists for over two billion years but was first discovered by a Dutch microbiologist Martinus Willem Beijerinck in 1890. Its name derives from the greek word ‘chloros’, meaning green, after the color it gives the rivers and lakes in Asia. Nowadays an average of 5 million people worldwide have included chlorella into their daily diet.

Chlorella contains all vitamins (except D), minerals, fibres, enzymes, proteins and much more. Unique about chlorella is a substance which makes that the algae can reproduce itself within 10 hours only. This substance can help the reproduction of cells in the human body as well. Chlorella also contains DNA and RNA, which makes it an essential superfood because it helps to prevent the ageing process of the body. On top of that Chlorella is also known to be a great detoxer. It attracts toxins in our body and ‘gently escorts’ them out.

How to include chlorella in your daily diet

Chlorella can be bought in several forms. You can take it as a powder and mix it through your daily smoothie, or you can take it as a capsule or tablet in the morning with a glass of lukewarm water. Your pick.


chlorella-300x196 chlorella chlorella2

Skiing makes me wanna go Running!

Just came back from a wonderful skiing holiday in Konigsleiten, Austria (of which you’ll see some pics below), which made me realize once more how good sports make me feel. Breathing in the cold mountain air makes me feel so healthy I wanna take out my running shoes and go for a run.

Which is exactly what I will do tomorrow. Dust off those shoes and go for a run in the cold (Amsterdam is freezing and snowy at the moment). Running has many health benefits, both physical and mental. Running reduces the risk of many diseases like coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. On top of that it increases your mental toughness, if which you can never have enough.

So shoes…get ready!





2013 resolution: superfoods


new year’s resolution for 2013: live healthier.

In my case this has nothing to do with losing weight, just with the fact that I want to appreciate my body more, and feed it with what it needs and what is good for her.

That means less fat, less alcohol (!!), less snacks.

But it’s not only less, it’s also more fruit (smoothies yum!), and more superfoods.

Superfoods are foods with a high nutrient content, and low on negative properties. Superfoods contain among others antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and they help you to detox your body. Examples of

superfoods are blueberries, broccoli, kiwis and pumpkin. Superfoods are perfect to start a healthy living.

Amsterdam has two superfood stores, that also sells lots of superfood seeds and grains, next to the fresh superfood fruit and veggies. Quinoa, for example, is one of these superfood grains.

To support my resolution, and to make sure I keep it, I also started with a home study on healthy food.

I will keep you posted in the future on my healthy living quest. I hope I can inspire you to do the same!

Enjoy, xo Rosie

mixed fruit smoothie

The past few weeks I put my new blender to good use. I feel that my body is starting to get used to the new amount of fruit intake, and I like it. When buying fruit, I try to only buy fruit that has been locally produced (within Europe), and that comes with the season, but I do not always  follow. Kiwi’s for example are simply not produced in Europe, and since these are so healthy, I ‘sin’ sometimes and buy them anyway.

This morning I tried something new, and it was really tasty! I added a yakult-like probiotic drink for healthy bowel flora. Instead of ice cubes I use frozen fruit. You can just find them in the frozen section in the supermarket. They are frozen right after harvest, this way they keep all their vitamins and are just as healthy as fresh fruit.


Ingredients of my smoothie this morning were: kiwi, apple, goji berries, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, frozen mango, and the probiotic drink (and some water). I had a pommegranate too, but last minute I decided not to add it because of the hard seeds, en the hassle to peal the thing.


The result: YUMMY!